What determines the charging speed of a mobile phone? Shenzhen power adapter manufacturers answer for you




In the past two years, without much breakthrough in battery technology, the charging speed of mobile phones has attracted more and more attention, and various fast charging technologies and fast charging mobile phones have also sprung up. We know that the current fast charging technology has greatly improved the charging speed of mobile phones, but do you know what factors determine the charging speed? Today, Shenzhen power adapter power supply manufacturers come to discuss this issue with you.

We generally only need three items to charge our mobile phones. Charging head, data cable, mobile phone. Among the three, the charging head and the data cable are the output and intermediary sides of the current, and the mobile phone is the input side. Then the factors that may affect the charging of mobile phones are these three. From the fast charging mobile phones in recent years, we understand that the charging speed has a lot to do with the mobile phone battery itself. In order to protect its own charging safety, the mobile phone will have a power management chip, which limits the current and voltage.

No matter how powerful your charger is, it can only be charged according to the charging rules of the mobile phone battery. It can also be said that the mobile phone determines whether it can be charged (lower than the minimum voltage set in the mobile phone, the mobile phone will not be charged), How to charge, (when to charge faster, when to charge slower) determines the fastest charging speed.

For the same mobile phone, different charging heads and data cables will also affect the charging speed. For the charging head, the original one is generally the best, because it understands the charging rules of its own mobile phone best, but some third-party fast charging chargers now have a very good charging performance after matching the charging agreement with both sides of the mobile phone.

For the data line, the smaller the resistance of the data line, the greater the current that can be carried, and the faster the charging speed. Therefore, when selecting data cables, thicker ones are better than thin ones, and short ones are better than long ones. The material is pure copper. Having said so much, I hope it can help your charging.