Cognitive power adapter CE certification requirements and sources




For many engineers engaged in the research and development of switching power adapter products, sending new products to relevant departments and carrying out strict CE certification is the most critical part of the entire research and development process, and it is also directly related to whether the product can meet export standards. . So, what exactly is this CE certification? For switching power adapters, what are the requirements for CE certification? Let's take a look at it together.

In fact, the so-called CE certification is an abbreviation for the certification of products in EU countries. If the new product of the switching power adapter wants to be exported to European countries, it must bear the "CE" mark, which is also a kind of order to enter European countries. This mark indicates that the product complies with one or more relevant European directives. This is enforced by law. During the certification audit process, the power adapter products will undergo certification inspections such as production quality, product quality, unit verification, EC type test, etc. After the acceptance is passed, the corresponding "CE" mark will be issued. For products that have passed the certification, the "CE" mark issued by the European Union must be printed on the nameplate and the obvious position on the packaging box, and the height should not be less than 5mm, and it needs to be scaled proportionally.

Of course, after the power adapter has obtained the CE certification, there is still another work that needs to be done by the dealer, which is to sign the declaration of conformity. When the adapter product is exported to Europe, the manufacturer must sign a declaration of conformity, indicating that its product has met the relevant requirements of the European Union. This declaration must accompany the goods to Europe, otherwise European customs will not allow the goods to enter. Once a product is found to be ineligible for CE in Europe, it will be severely sanctioned.

Finally, we need to remind everyone that the CE certification of switching power adapters cannot be done by any organization. When conducting entrusted tests, we must clearly determine its qualification. If it is an illegal testing organization, the consequences will be very serious. serious. Because if a product is CE marked without testing, it will be considered to be a counterfeit product, and all EU countries will take appropriate measures to impose severe penalties on counterfeit CE marked products and other products from the same manufacturer in Europe. Therefore, it will be very dangerous if the product is tested by some illegal or crude certification body.