About Us

A private enterprise that has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of switching power supplies and chargers

About Us

We are a customer service-oriented organization, and we must adhere to the spirit of service in everything we do, with the goal of maintaining the highest customer satisfaction. Whether it is internal customers (company colleagues) or external customers, we should communicate more, coordinate more and assist more, solve problems for customers from time to time, and think about customers everywhere.


We are a technologically advanced organization. We should absorb new knowledge of science and technology at any time, grasp the pulse of the world, cater to international trends, and encourage self-innovation from time to time. Improve work efficiency with innovative thinking and develop the added value of products with innovation.


We are an organization that can follow the trend of the world. In the rapid changes in the international market, we have the ability to respond quickly, grasp the pulse of the world, and adjust the pace of the company. We are not sluggish, stubborn, or rigid, maintaining the agile dynamics of young organizations at all times.


We are a sustainable organization. Sharing is the foundation of sustainable management. Those who know how to share have friends.
Only companies that know how to share can gather talents, and companies with talents can operate sustainably.
Therefore, the results of the company's operations must be shared with customers, shareholders and employees.


We are a responsible organization, taking the concept of society for society,
To do a good job and give back to the society. Therefore, we do not make noise,
Do not discharge sewage, do not pollute the air, and are willing to participate in social welfare activities to enhance the corporate image.

We are an organization that is not afraid of difficulties, and always maintains an optimistic heart to face every challenge.
Not afraid of difficulties and shrinking, not afraid of stagnation under pressure, we always have to believe that hard work must pay off
Harvest, only self-defeating will lose the harvest, only optimism can have hope, only optimism can defeat
predicament, so we believe that the future will