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KA18F 18W

Product parameters:

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Product Details

*Input voltage: 100~240Vac (Range: 90~264Vac).

*Input current: 0.55A max.

*Input frequency: 50/60Hz (range: 47~63Hz).

*Output voltage: 4.5-30V.

*Output current: 0-3.0A.

*Ripple and noise: 120mV max

*No-load power loss: 0.075W max.

*Conversion efficiency: >81.39%

*Voltage regulation/load regulation: ±5%

*Constant voltage CC

*Withstand voltage test: 3000 VAC/1min/5mA

*Leakage current: 0.25mA max.@240 VAC

* With over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and other protection functions

*Working temperature: -10~45℃

*Safety standard: UL/EN60950/GB4943

*Electromagnetic compatibility standard: EN55022 class B/FCC Part 15 class B; EN55024/A1:2001/EN61000

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